Special Notice!

Beginning May 21, Bogart Rd will be closed between Kingsley Circle West and Galloway Rd. Visitors to the Board will have to utilize the Hull Road to Galloway Road detour. This closure will be in effect through June 15, or until work has been completed.


The mission of the Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities is to:
Inspire, empower and support individuals and their families.


Individuals will achieve personal success.


  1. Integrity and Trust
  2. Mutual Respect
  3. Equality
  4. Collaboration and Teamwork
  5. Personal Responsibility


Spring Dinner Series

Spring Dinner Series

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Inspire. Empower. Support. Report

Read our newsletter by click on a link below. Winter 2020

Ohio Technology First Council

Learn about the Ohio Technology First Council by clicking here. Read the Council's final report on Recommendations to Exapnad the Use of Supportive Technology, by clicking here to open a pdf. What Director Martin Explains Ohio Tech First Council Work below.

We get this question often... WHAT IS A DSP?

We get this question often... WHAT IS A DSP? Here's a great video that shows how rewarding and flexible this career opportunity can be...   Click the following link to learn more or to sign up to become a DSP: https://www.dspdirectory.com/



The Department of Ohio Developmental Disiblities is having a campaing called #DSPLevelUp to encourge direct servcie providers with two years of expereince to take 60 hours of additional training to earn up to $1 more per hour.  DODD is offering 130 hours of free online training so agency and independent DSPS can earn more with the new training alongevity add-on.  See below for more information. Good news! Providers can LEVEL UP with this new rate if they've been a direct service provider for two years and take this FREE training. Start here: http://bit.ly/2oMJF2h #DSPLevelUp     Are you a DSP who...

The Board Launches Email Encryption Policy

The Erie County Board of D.D. has started to use email encryption when sending emails that contain sensitive information such as Protected Health Information (PHI).  This policy will ensure that while an email is transmission it will be delivered to the recipient safely and securely.  For information on how to open and respond to an email that was sent encrypted to you from a Board Employee please click on the PDF below.  Receiving secure messages from the Board.


#FamilyTalk is an informal discussion on family topics by people who know their stuff. These live chats are hosted on the DODD Facebook page and offer the opportunity to watch, interact, and ask questions live. These occur the first Friday of each month from 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm.   The Erie County Board of DD is making available a conference room so that those who do not have Facebook or computer and would like to see this chat or meet with other family members to talk about the chat are able to.  You are also welcome to connect to Family...

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